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SkiLL® Tuning: Special Tuning for Special Guests 💘 Thank you George for this amazing evening #tuneyourSkiLL #Saalbach

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SkiLL® Tuning . Ski workshop for ski & snowboard service

The new high-end ski workshop for skis & snowboards at the ski lifts nr. 37 & no. 40 in the district Wiesenegg directly in the ski resort Saalbach Hinterglemm under the direction of the long-time racing service man Georg (ski team Slovenia & Finland, his mentor the race-service legend Slavo Mulej).

If you are looking for a high quality and noticeably better tuning, you are right with us.

Real craftsmanship: Please understand that your skis / snowboards may show signs of manual labor after tuning.

We pick up your ski: Tuning-Shuttle 0043/6541/20403
8 to 18 Uhr

Prices . All in One

39 Euro . Tuning S1
Duration approx. 30 minutes: high-end edge grinding & polishing with mirror finish, removal of old wax, infrared waxing with high-performance wax, brushing

59 Euro . Tuning S2
Duration approx. 50 minutes: Clean ski surface, remove rust from edges, edge roughing, removal of old wax, repair ski surface (fine and medium scratches), clean surface & remove structure, surface grinding / surface sanding with tuneyourSkiLL structure, high-end edge sanding & Polishing with mirror finish, infrared waxing or ironing with high-performance wax, brushing

109 Euro . Tuning X
Duration approx. 90 minutes: For high-end skis, finest hand and hand machine processing: clean ski surface, remove rust from edges, edge roughing, removal of old wax, repairing ski surface (drops), cleaning surfaces & removing structure, polishing the top & side cheeks for the ultimate in performance, surface grinding, restructuring with tuneyourSkiLL structure, high-end edge grinding & polishing with mirror finish, infrared waxing or ironing with high performance wax, peeling with blade, manual brushing with steel brush & fine nylon brush, cleaning the ski surface.

Included in the tuning price

Free pick up of your skis between 4pm and 5pm at your accommodation, return the next morning until 8:30 am.

You can also deliver your skis / snowboards personally to us in the workshop and then take our shuttle to your accommodation (according to the timetable). With the piste 39a at the Reiterkogel and over the piste 6a at the west summit up to the Mitteregglift no. 37 you come with the ski / snowboard to us.

Area SkiLL Shuttle:

We grow your skis with infrared technology, the wax penetrates deeper into the surface and the effect lasts longer. You have a noticeably better result.

To get the most out of your ski, we have developed our own structure. This offers noticeably faster & more revving skis.

Expert talk at the ski adoption site in the workshop

With our new high-end machines, we offer noticeably more skier-friendly skis and noticeably more speed thanks to high-quality, high-performance wax.

We can carry out the tuning S1 at any time during the workshop opening hours. The tuning S3 we offer only over night: To achieve a better tuning result, the ski should rest a little between the individual steps.

Free short-term parking zone (SkiLL P1, 30min): Here you can park if you pick up your equipment or have short errands in the ski gates.

Free day parking (SkiLL P2): Here you can park if you are a SkiLL customer and spend your day from our location.

Ski bus station No. 14: The bus stop is 80m away.

Do you have questions or do you enjoy SkiLL Friends benefits?

Then please contact the reservation team. Your request will be handled immediately:

  • MM Schrägstrich TT Schrägstrich JJJJ

or by phone 0043/6541/20403