SkiLL® | The ski school for adults

Skischule Saalbach Hinterglemm

SkiLL® | The ski school for adults

Skischule Saalbach Hinterglemm

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Learn to ski - Private beginners course for adults

The award-winning first-class ski school in Saalbach Hinterglemm with highly qualified ski instructors for adult beginners (GREEN) right on the Wiesenegg beginners‘ area including VIP shuttle service.


Private ski course for adult beginners on green & blue slopes with a certified & experienced ski instructor

837 Euros | 3 half days of 3 hours each

A private 3-day beginners course is suitable for beginners; you will make much more progress than with a group course. Classes take place from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. or in the afternoon from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Before or after, you can practice what you have learned yourself on the practice area – this means you will make great progress in the 3 days.

You can book the ski equipment directly when making your reservation. We will send you an offer.

For advanced beginners who have already completed a group ski course, a private ski instructor is recommended for 3 hours every 2 days:
» SkiLL® Private Ski Instructor

Ski lessons

Methodical structure based on the official Austrian ski instruction curriculum:

Get used to the ski equipment | Get used to the equipment and the limited range of motion with the ski equipment. Walking, gliding and climbing in gently articulated terrain.
・ Gliding and firing exercises | Keeping balance in the glide
Plow | Gliding with skis in plow position – braking and stopping can

Plow turning | Departures with changes of direction
Alpine handling – edges | Driving on the mountain-side edges
Alpine driving – slipping | Detach edge grip – steer skates in parallel while sliding
Plow steering | Direction changes with taxes on the mountain-side edges

・ Parallel ski steering long – pole plant – short | Simultaneous switching edges, turning and steering the skis as the basis for the parallel ski steering with long radii
Pole plant | Pole plant used as an aid for balance, weight transfer, turning and rhythm
Parallel ski steering – long radii with pole plant | Simultaneous switching of edges, turning and steering the skis with use of the pole plant
Parallel ski steering – short radii | Rhythmic continuous turns with changes of direction in parallel short radii
Dynamic parallel ski steering – long radii | Dynamic change of direction out of the steering pressure; situational ski control, sporty, forward-looking, adapted skiing in medium length and long radii.
Dynamic parallel ski steering – short radii | Dynamic parallel ski steering in short radii with situation-responsive ski control.

・ Carving and racing carving – long radii | Preparation for giant slalom; athletic safe skiing at high speeds on hard piste, carved turns in long radii
Carving – short turns | Carved direction changes with short radii with slalom carvers
Steep slopes | Safe skiing on steep terrain
Moguls | Controlled skiing through bumps with flexing and stretching turns – commitment to constant contact with the snow
Deep snow | Rhythmic, enjoyable skiing in deep snow
Demo & formation | Skiing in formation; synchronous changes in direction and movement, also to music
Freeriding | From long turns on wide unspoilt slopes to short turns on steeper slopes (speed)


„With this new school you feel the exciting pioneer spirit, that some others might have lost over the years“

Reviewd by MALIN

Inclusive services

The private lessons include participation for up to 5 people. Additional people price on request.

Our ski instructors are highly qualified and are among the best in the Salzburg region. We select the ski instructor for the groups based on ability, a „Anwärter“ ski instructor is sufficient for beginners. Advanced and good skiers absolutely need a „Landes“ ski instructor, if you ski very well a „Staatlichen“ ski instructor is compulsory – this is the only way you can improve, as the ski instructor has the appropriate training.

The beginners & practice area Wiesenegg is located directly at the ski school:

Zone A | Ski lift A11 + A12 | Slopes 11 + 13 + 78

・ Wieshoflift A11 for beginners (green & blue)
・ Mitteregglift A12 for advanced skiers (blue & red)
・ Direct access to the Saalbach Hinterglemm ski area
・ Children’s area with magic carpet & children’s club (indoor)
・ Ski bus stop no.14
・ Free parking
・ Free ride with the SkiLL Xpress
・ Free VIP shuttle service

Daily free VIP shuttle service in Saalbach Hinterglemm. We will pick you up at your accommodation and bring you back again:


We have sufficient daytime parking spaces for our customers directly at the ski school.

One of the highlights is our ski race including medal, certificate, drinks (hot ski water, mulled wine, Aperol spritz with organic wine), popcorn, cotton candy and music for young and old

Free drinks at our instore organic wine bar (enjoy fine wines from the organic farm Lang in Austria)

The following services are included in SkiLL® Protect:

・ Free cancellation up to 7 days before arrival/course start on all services of SkiLL OG, minus 50 Euro handling fee.
・ Cancellation 6 to 2 days prior to arrival/course start will incur 80% of the total booking costs.
・ Cancellation 1 day prior to arrival/course start and no-show will incur 100% of the total booking costs.

Award winner

SkiLL® – Sport shop & ski school of the year 2022 & 2020
Friendliest sports shop staff of the year 2022
Internationaler Skiareatest


A tailor made offer? We reply immediatley:

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