The iconic & hip brand from dealers for dealers

At the Secret Launch at ISPO Munich 2023, we are giving a first insight into our Technical MTB Gear & Clothing line

Arrange a date with us now at the Brandnew Hub in Hall B1 Stand #6 and see for yourself – the ticket for ISPO is on us

SKILL® is only available OFFLINE in trendy shops

SKILL® brings the hype of the big D2C brands into stores: epic online marketing, massive presence in bike parks & festivals, coupled with exclusive OFFLINE availability in trendy stores.
No D2C online shop for the end customer (issue of discounts), and for the time being no SKILL® products are allowed in dealer B2C online shops.

Mega 2.5+ margin

Let’s be honest, how are you going to make money with a 1.8 or 2 margin?!

Complaint = SKILL® Riders Support

If there are product complaints, the customer contacts us directly; you don’t have to worry about it unpaid.

SKILL® x Dealer Experience

Free trips for you and your team to our legendary SKILL® Mountain Lodge in the mountains including overnight stays for incentives, training, etc.

A brand you can touch

A legendary brand story since 2018! Right in the bike park, the ski lift in front of the door. The end customer can visit our award-winning experience 365 days a year in the middle of the mountains and experience our style LIVE.

Join SKILL® now!

At the same time as 100 trendy shops, we are pre-launching with media impact at EUROBIKE in July 2024

You can find out more about SkiLL® in a personal conversation with our founding family.

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Do you want to be one of the first 100 trendy shops and we are not yet in contact? Then that should change now: